Safety Lock is a electric system of containers´ locking, a global innovation. It was more than 3 years of studies, researches and visits to road implements´ factories, terminals and ports until the final version, that was presented, recently, to the world´s market.

The unprecedented Brazilian containers´ locking system on trucks with electric drive will contribute to greater efficiency and agility in the moving of cargoes, besides offering more security in the port areas and in transit.

Product duly patented in the competent body, that is, in the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).



  • Security – reduction of the number of people around the transport operation in port areas and, consequently, the number of accidents.
  • Agility – greater flexibility in containers´ loading and moving. To have an idea, the movements of long-haul water transport grew by 14%, and 96.4% of cabotage (between sea ports of the same country, without losing sight of the coast), according to data from ANTAQ – National Agency of Waterway Transportation (BR).
  • Efficiency – greater efficiency of the container lock control in the port area.
  • Organizational culture – internal culture development in the port area that prioritizes efficiency, safety and agility.
  • Quality Management - an instrument that assists port leaders in obtaining ISO standards in general in Brazil.


  • Inspection – greater efficiency of the containers´s locking inspection by transit agents and the Federal Police.
  • Safety – installation will contribute to update the safety requirements established by the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN BR) for vehicles wich transport containers and, consequently, to reduce traffic accidents by unfixed loads.
  • Transport agility – to follow the growth of 44.2% (between 2010 and 2016) in the movement of containers by road transport to the ports, according to ANTT (2017) data.


  • Convenience – simply push a button on the panel and engage the automatic load lock on the container carrier.
  • Compatible – The device does not change the current standard size of manually operated locks on the market. It is compatible with the layout of all containers´ truck models.
  • Safety – The driver does not have to leave the cabin to lock the container.

How it Works

The Safety Lock is shaped like a box, it´s located on the level of the vehicle body and has a pin that perfectly fits in the container with electric drive.

The driver who has your truck equipped with the system will not have to leave the cabin to lock the container. Simply push a button on the panel and engage the automatic load lock.

After triggering the electric lock, the sensor-equipped system will turn on a green light on the vehicle’s dashboard and on the outside above the cab indicating that the container is attached to the vehicle body.

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The Tek Trade Group, with more than ten years in the import and export business, announces the launch of an unprecedented worldwide system for locking containers on trucks with electric drive.